About Us


Stone Concept offers interior and exterior natural stone veneer products. Our suppliers only provide us the highest quality, most aesthetically pleasing, and reasonably affordable products. Quality such as ours is relatively unseen in the industry, and we are proud to showcase our work. We now proudly serve Calgary, Edmonton, Langley, Kelowna and all surrounding areas to our locations. If you are looking for thin veneer slate, architectural stone, paving stones, interior decorative stone, or any other natural stone products for your project in one of our major markets, we will help you get the job done. Our products are distributed by an accredited and professional distribution network to Canadian and American markets. We have established long standing relationships with architects, designers, landscapers, and professional builders in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and Langley with our ultimate goal to offer our clients unmatched prices and levels of customer service.

Our products may be what attracts you to Stone Concept initially, but it’s our exceptional levels of customer service that we hope leave a lasting impression. We can work as consultants with you, sculpting our natural stone products into customized pieces of art to suit your needs. No matter how small or how large your project may be, we will take care of all your needs.

Modern Tradition

For centuries, architects have imagined and designed. Artisans have crafted masterpieces using stone of nearly every type and form known to man. In city centres and countrysides alike, stand memorials to their imagination, skill, and desire to make a unique and lasting impression.

Our stone collections offers today’s architects, designers and their customers an array of premium natural stone products, that are reflective of this rich tradition. The ability of the Stone Concept Collection is limited only by one’s imagination.

Our natural stone, thin veneer and brick products give you more ways to create custom designs and make your dreams a reality. As an industry leader, Stone Concept continually introduces new products into the market.

Choosing The Right Stone

Designing with natural stone thin veneer ensures the uniqueness of your project since no two pieces are exactly alike. Natural stone is superior in withstanding the effects of the sun, water and natural wear over time.

Below are a few factors we recommend you consider when choosing the most appropriate stone for your project. You can always select from our wide selection of premium natural stones. No matter the material – stone slate, schist, sandstone, limestone or other veneers – using the following two attributes when making your decision should help!

Manufactured stone has been increasingly popular in both residential and commercial projects. Increased cost savings, ease of installation and durability has a created a rise in its popularity.

Manufactured stone is the ultimate combination of nature and technology, ideal for interior and exterior applications. Manufactured stone veneer is an excellent solution for the installation process while decreasing costs.


Natural stones are available in a beautiful spectrum of colours. The colours range from tans and golds to rich browns, greys and multi-colours all made by Mother Nature. The naturally varied appearance and wonderful character of the Stone Concept Collection create a one of a kind result in any application.

Texture and Look

From smooth to rugged textures, small to large sizes, tightly-stacked ledge stone to blends of ledge and thin veneer, your choices are endless. Visual appeal is very important to the image of a business or the feel of a home, and should be a factor in choosing the right stone. The architectural style of the project will also help define the most suitable type of stone for the application.

When selecting a natural stone or manufactured stone for your project, you will be adding value through timeless beauty, lasting quality, and true sustainability.

If you need any assistance with our products, feel free to contact us.

We can create beautiful things. Together.